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A rugged enclosure, internal sensors, and kickstand make these models ideal for field or lab applications. Functionality Efficient, low-power circuitry provides long battery operation. The alphanumeric 8-digit LCD display allows easy power read-outs. The operation of the device is intuitive due to the clearly labeled key pad. All common features like wavelength setting, relative measurements, power read-out, and auto-shutdown are included.

Most industry standard fiber adapters i. Close [X]. Touchscreen Power and Energy Meter. Other Power and Energy Meters. Fiber Attenuators. Fiber Patch Cables. Cuvette Holder. Fiber Cleaning.

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Fiber Inspection. Fiber Optic Termination Tools. Fiber-Coupled Detectors. Pigtailed Laser Diodes. Please Wait. Please Give Us Your Feedback. First Name.

Contact Me:. Prefer to Request a Quote? Request Quote. Enter Comments Below:. Submit Feedback:. We have recently bought a PM20CH power meter almost a month ago. Initially just to check the device it was working properly. What might be the reason for it?

The device is certainly under warranty period. This is a response from Sebastian at Thorlabs. The "charging" should disappear on the display after few seconds. As you did not left contact details on this feedback, please contact your local Thorlabs Office for immediate help.

Actually I have been trying to measure and verify the power of a fiber laser which has a power stability of 0. Can you please specify the stability of the power measured by this PM20CH power meter? This is a response from Nicola at Thorlabs. Thank you for your inquiry!

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I am sorry to hear that you are not able to get a stable output reading. The stability and repeatability of the PM20CH are definitely lower than this value.

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As you did not leave any contact information, please contact your local Tech Support team to discuss wavelength, absolute power and extent of fluctuations you are observing to check whether your PM20CH shows a normal behavior. Can this powermeter be used to measure short pulses around ns? We tried measuring powers approx. Thank you very much for your inquiry. The PM20A contains a Silicon photodiode sensor.

We do not recommend measuring nanosecond sources with this type of sensor. I will contact you directly to discuss alternative options.

Fiber Optic Power Meters with Internal Sensor

What are resolution optical power and linearity of the power meter? Is the power meter calibrated over entire wavelength range in steps of 5nm? Thank you for the feedback. The calibration step size is 5 nm over entire wavelength range.

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This finally depends on the fiber type used. We aquired a PM20CH and we would like to know if it is possible to get an adapter for free space measurements. This is a response from Moritz at Thorlabs.

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Thank you for your inquiry. The PM20 series is only designed for fiber coupled measurements, however, for free space beams the fiber adapter could just be removed.

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  • Can the charger be bought separately? If so, how much do they cost? Thanks, Sincerely, -David-.

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  • Currently we do not offer a replacement power supply as standard product. However, any power supply with the following specifications can be used: 12V, mA, 2.

    I will contact you directly for further information. Is there any way to replyce the battery or at least turn of the recharging message blinking? This is a response from Wolfgang at Thorlabs. Yes, we can exchange the battery in these powermeters. I have contacted you directly to arrange the exchange. Just a follow-up to the previous response about the active area of the PM20A. The specs on the webpage say 3.

    Fiber Adapters for PM20 Power Meters

    This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. The sensor size is like stated in the manual on page 10 3. I will contact you directly to discuss you application in detail. To decide if a fiber is suitable we would need to know the NA and diameter, since it is possible to over illuminate the sensor. We specify the sensor size with 3.

    If the beam is larger, in the plane of the sensor, you will loose light and measure accuracy will be effected. Also, the damage threshold of the sensor may be an issue.

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  • Regarding the wavelength range, both nm and nm lie within the specified wavelength range of the built-in Si detector. Response from Buki at Thorlabs: We have contacted you to get more information about your request. Response from Javier at Thorlabs to anjonslay: Thank you very much for your interest in our products. A representative from our China sales office will contact you directly with pricing and availability information for our PM20C power meter. The PM20A will work perfect for measuring the power of the laser diode you want to measure.

    The PM20A is easy to use and the power can be read directly on the display. Different fiber connectors are available under the section Accessories. Mats Stolt - 08 20 00 That item is available under the "accessories" section in case you need to purchase another one.

    Fiber Optic Power Meters with Internal Sensor

    We hope this information is helpful and apologize for the confusion. SC and SMA. By the way, when will you be delivering the ordred PM20C? Thank you for suggestion for this page. We now list power ranges in decibels as well as milliwatts. We hope this added information is helpful. This connector uses a wide key 2. Additional Optical Power and Energy Meters. Products Home. Rapid Order. The Company.

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    Contact Us. My Thorlabs. SM05 Thread 0. Add To Cart. Adapter Image Click the Image to Enlarge. Customer Inspired!